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Teatro Interactivo en Inglés Ñu Accents Interactive Theatre in English
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   Más de 95.000 niñas y niños en la Comunidad de Madrid han aprendido inglés con Ñu.
Teatro interactivo en inglés para niños en colegios y escuelas infantiles
/Interactive theatre in English for kids in schools and kindergartens
The Three Little Pigs
ACTIVE VOCABULARY AND STRUCTURES (production): Simple Greetings: Hello… I’m…. Hello, everybody. Simple answers: Yes… No. Animals: bird, fish, rabbit, pig, cow, wolf Food Items: these are elicited from the students prompted by questions and mimes like: What food have you got? Can I have an apple? etc. Students are expected to know some food items in English like apples, oranges, ice cream, hamburger etc.. Body parts: arm(s), leg(s) hand(s) Activities: singing, dancing STRUCTURES AND VOCABULARY THAT WE PRESENT FOR RECOGNITION: Let’s be + adjective: Let’s be happy, sad, little, big (we warm all the kids up when we pre-teach this vocabulary by representing the adjectives physically) Let’s + verb: Let’s stand up, sit down, jump, dance, sing, etc.. Let’s be + animals (e.g.: Let’s be birds; Let’s be rabbits; Let’s be fish) I want to be + animals: I want to be a wolf; a cow. Prepositions: Let’s go into the forest; Hide behind the trees; Go under the bridge; Up, down I’m + adjective. e.g.: I’m hungry Asking for things: Can I have some food? Have you got any food? Have you got an apple? Asking for directions: Where is the pig? Is the pig there? Is the pig behind me? Miscelaneous: “Once upon a time…” forest, trees, bridge, village, straw, wood, bricks, dynamite Activities: Mime games with adjectives and instructions; Hiding in the forest from the wolf; Singing the Wolf’s song and dancing it: “One hand up, one hand down. The other hand up, the other hand down. And jump, jump, jump, jump, jump.” Making the pigs’ houses; being the 3 little pigs; escaping from the wolf.