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Teatro Interactivo en Inglés Ñu Accents Interactive Theatre in English
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   Más de 95.000 niñas y niños en la Comunidad de Madrid han aprendido inglés con Ñu.
Teatro interactivo en inglés para niños en colegios y escuelas infantiles
/Interactive theatre in English for kids in schools and kindergartens
Funky Friends
SYNOPSIS: Funky Girl and Funky Man are funky friends. Funky girl has written a story, but the Funky Friends are too funky to read it. They look for help. They find Miss Flip but she can’t read, so Doctor Flop has to read the story. The story starts in the jungle. There is an elephant that loves music but he is sad. He loves to sing, but he has no friends to play music with. He looks for a friend and finds a rabbit, a duck and a pig. These animals all love music too. The animals go on a journey and get lost in a cold dark forest. In the forest Red Riding Hood finds them and takes them to Granny’s house, but they must promise to be quiet. At Granny’s house the animals get bored and decide to have a party. Red Riding Hood is very angry, she throws them out of the house. That night the Big Bad Wolf comes to eat Red Riding Hood and Granny. The animals play their music and scare the wolf away. Everyone is very happy.