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Teatro Interactivo en Inglés Ñu Accents Interactive Theatre in English
   Más de 100.000 niñas y niños en la Comunidad de Madrid han aprendido inglés con Ñu. 
Teatro interactivo en inglés para niños en colegios y escuelas infantiles
/Interactive theatre in English for kids in schools and kindergartens
Visitas a los colegios
Extra material on-line
MAGIC ZOO   This shows you how to use paper plates to make an elephant.  It has other links to make other animals. The animals in the show are an elephant, a parrot, a rabbit and a fish. Suggestion 1: When the children are making the plates the teacher can label the parts of the animals in English. Ears, beak, trunk, mouth, fins.  Suggestion 2: The teacher can also go through the actions of the animals: Flap the ears of the elephant.  The children mimic an elephant flapping its ears, repeating flap, flap, flap. Flap the wings of the parrot and fly! The children mimic the wings of a parrot and fly, repeating fly, fly, fly. The rabbit likes to jump. The children become rabbits and jump, repeating jump, jump, jump. elephant.htm
MAGIC ZOO   Reinforcing colours in English This activity can used to reinforce the names of the colours in English. Suggestion: You could put the children in small teams and shout out the colours in English and time the team’s scores. ting-colours-with-cardboard-tubes/
Ghosty finger puppets This link shows how to make ghosty finger puppets.  The children can make other Halloween figures such as bats, spiders or witches, etc.  The children could use the puppets to act simple phrases in English:. For example:  Hello, how are you? Hello, what are you? Hello, I am a ghost. Boo! ngs-to-do/activity- articles/ghosty-finger- puppets/news- story/49104613998629d98868c 0aef58f2c21  
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