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Teatro Interactivo en Inglés Ñu Accents Interactive Theatre in English
   Más de 100.000 niñas y niños en la Comunidad de Madrid han aprendido inglés con Ñu. 
Teatro interactivo en inglés para niños en colegios y escuelas infantiles
/Interactive theatre in English for kids in schools and kindergartens
The purpose of this show is to introduce some basic English sounds to babies. The phonics are presented in a fun and memorable way.  Toddlers (2-3 year olds) can practise the vocabulary and follow the plot between a silly character who makes mistakes and a clever character who corrects those mistakes.    Mary wants to find out what bubbles are but she gets confused when she sees balloons and balls. Jackie will help her to learn these new words as well as some colours and basic numbers... and maybe she will show her those magic things, bubbles! The audience is introduced to the numbers 1 2 3, balls, cloths, colours and finally bubbles using dance, rhymes and actions. The babies and toddlers get their chance to take part with interactive moments. An original soundscape has been created that takes the children on the Bubbles journey.
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