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Teatro Interactivo en Inglés Ñu Accents Interactive Theatre in English
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   Más de 95.000 niñas y niños en la Comunidad de Madrid han aprendido inglés con Ñu.
Teatro interactivo en inglés para niños en colegios y escuelas infantiles
/Interactive theatre in English for kids in schools and kindergartens
A-Maze-ing English
SYNOPSIS Two talent scouts from the BBC arrive at your school searching for a new artist. The candidate must be able to speak English. Volunteers are gathered and their knowledge is tested. From this group a candidate is elected. Next the whole class helps the BBC scouts create a story around this candidate. The students are given several choices (one of which is a “bad choice”), so the class members themselves choose how the story develops.  This is a controlled choice however, and the candidate always ends up auditioning with two new candidates for the “Pop Star” Show. He or she has to show how fit he or she is, and how well he or she can dance and sing. Eventually he or she becomes a “star” but then has to suffer all the attention and lack of privacy that being famous entails. Eventually the student is given the final choice between being famous and  being normal again